Welcome to Pancho's Mexican Buffet - a culinary heritage perfected by time

Mexican food has a distinctive way of sweeping the hearts of food lovers all over the world. Right here in Texas, locals and tourists just can't have enough of  Texas' homegrown authentic Mexican restaurant.

Pancho's Mexican Buffet has been serving  Mexican cuisine with a touch of Tex Mex since 1958. With a rich history in the industry, the Mexican restaurant blazed a trail for great food, great service, and great people, which has earned it a reputation as a premier Mexican restaurant. 

All our meals are made with fresh, authentic ingredients

Many locals have grown up loving Pancho's Mexican Buffet. Through the years, satisfied customers like you keep coming back to hearty meals and delicious sopapillas. It's time to reminisce on younger days when you would look forward to a lunch or dinner at Pancho's with your family. Let your children experience the same wonderful feeling and create more dining memories that are fun-filled, only here at Pancho's Mexican Buffet.

We are a family friendly restaurant where you can make dining with your children a lot more exciting. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for families, friends, and groups to get together. Our ambiance is a clean and refreshing vibe that is reminiscent of Mexican culture. We want you to feel at home every time you come and dine with us. We make your dining experience at your favorite Mexican buffet Houston, a pleasant one. 

Here at Pancho's Mexican Buffet everything is a feast for your senses from the beautiful plating of dishes, a fusion of aroma from spices and herbs, to the strong flavorful taste in every bite, your dining experience can be defined in one Mexican word, "Magnifico"!

So come on over and experience Mexico at its finest through  Mexican dishes that only Pancho's Mexican Buffet can offer. Here, your dining experience is second to none because nothing beats six decades of rich culinary heritage.